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Tidbits of Shows on Demand

Tidbits of Shows on demand is a series of videos produced by Franco Zeffirelli Foundation in collaboration with performers and scholars.
Starting from Zeffirelli’s work – designs and stills on exhibit in the Zeffirelli Collection – these videos enlighten great stories and great personalities in the fields of the performing arts.
The first Video is Tribute to Dante. At the occasion of the 7th centennial of Dante’s death, actor Luigi di Fiore recites excerpts of the Divine Comedy that tell us about the eternal love between Paolo and Francesca (Canto V), the dramatic character of traitor Count Ugolino della Gherardesca (Canto XXXIII) and the superb Ulysses (Canto XXVI).
The contribution collected from the viewing of the videos will be used for the production of the next Tidbits of Shows.

Tribute to Dante

You can buy and watch the full 22 minutes video for (10,00 Euros), and it will be always available to you, from your account.
Or You can rent it for 24 hours for (3,00Euros)

Tribute to Dante is the first video in the series Tidbits of Shows on demand. It is created by Pippo Zeffirelli, performed by Luigi di Fiore, and is set inside the Franco Zeffirelli Foundation in Florence. Most of the video is shot in the Inferno Room, entirely dedicated to exhibit a multimedia installation and 55 panels with sketches and notes by Zeffirelli: the unfinished project of an adaptation for the screen of Inferno, from Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.
The panels cover the first eighteen cantos of Dante’s poem and provide us with valuable documentation on the working method of the Maestro, who used to share this kind of material with his collaborators, in order to make them aware of the visual solutions he had imagined.

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