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The Zeffirelli Bookshop

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The Zeffirelli Bookshop is located on the ground floor, opposite the entrance. In addition to a rich selection of objects inspired by the works of Franco Zeffirelli, the Bookshop collects an important collection of volumes divided into two thematic sections.

The first of these contains illustrative and educational volumes on cinema, opera and theatre, with monographic texts on the directors, performers and art directors. Alongside the volumes of the “Edizioni Sabinae”, mostly dedicated to cinema, there are the texts in the “Amici della Scala” series dedicated to the theatre and published by Grafiche Steph, who also provides a wide selection of volumes dedicated to opera and great conductors.

Zeffirelli Bookshop

Then there is a second section containing the volumes pertaining to Franco Zeffirelli’s works, including his autobiography, translated into several languages, and the DVDs of his works. In particular, the following are available: The Complete Opera of Zeffirelli in Italian and English, the catalogue of the Zeffirelli Museum, Zeffirelli at La Scala, Zeffirelli in Arena, Zeffirelli at the Met, The art of mise en scène, and various volumes on his set designs.

Zeffirelli Bookshop - Bookshop Zeffirelli Museum

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