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Mariaelisa Nannini

The Zeffirelli Archive is located on the ground floor of the San Firenze Complex, adjacent to the Library of Fine and Performing Arts. It contains dozens of scripts and screenplays, hundreds of pages of notes, theatre programs, advertising materials, press reviews, correspondence, administrative documentation, grey; moreover, hundreds of drawing, sketches and models, thousands of photographs.

L'Archivio Zeffirelli - Bozzetti e Schizzi di Zeffirelli

Every theatre and film production is widely documented.

In fact, there are materials relating to the various phases of development of each project.  It is possible to access the preparatory documentation of the work, the realization, the promotional materials and the critical apparatus.

The Archive also contains the materials used as a source of inspiration (including many documents, photographs, postcards and prints), different versions of subjects and scripts, graphic materials for scenes and costumes, or photographic materials relating to the various phases of film production and theatrical staging. There are many photos taken during the location scouting and casting of the performers, as well as stage and set photos or during rehearsals.

Archivio Zeffirelli - Bozzetti e Schizzi di Zeffirelli

There are also the recordings of the shows, advertising materials and merchandising distributed on the occasion of the release of the films or theatrical premieres, as well as many reviews in the Italian and foreign press.

There is also extensive documentation relating to unrealized projects.

The materials kept in the Archive tell about Zeffirelli’s working method based on creativity and in-depth study. They constitute a documentary heritage of considerable wealth, capable of exploring the entertainment environment and the entire Italian society from the 1940s to the present day.

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Mariaelisa Nannini

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