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The Library of Fine and Performing Arts

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The Library of Fine and Performing Arts contains all the volumes previously preserved in Franco Zeffirelli’s Roman home. Therefore it reflects the tastes, interests, intellectual history and professional documental needs of the Maestro.

Library of Fine and performing Arts

It is mainly oriented towards the image in all its forms: fine arts, thus painting, sculpture, architecture, graphics, photography; applied arts, thus design, furniture, fashion; performing arts, as theatre, cinema, dance, set and costume design. There are also plenty of photobooks of places, cities, countries.

The Library of Fine and Performing Arts also contains an important collection of texts dedicated to music and opera. In particular, it is rich in artists’ biographies, monographs dedicated to theatres, scores, librettos, and theatre programmes.

The books are placed on the shelves in accordance with Franco Zeffirelli’s subdivision by subject. They are arranged on the basis of an ad hoc classification that reflects the conceptual and aesthetic motivations of the original order.

The catalogue of the Library of Fine and Performing Arts

The Library of Fine and Performing Arts is part of the SDIAF Integrated Documentary System  of the Florentine Area. It is also present in the catalogue of the National Library System (SBN).

The catalogue of the Library is available through an inventory database located on the Foundation’s website.

Bibliographic reference (collections and references):
Mariaelisa Nannini

Visits and consultation of materials:
Temporarily Closed

Reference: by appointment

Access: Access to the library is free of charge.
To access the consultation it is necessary to register; an identity document is required to register.
Materials are available for consultation only.
Temporarily Closed

For information:
tel.: 055 281038 (secretariat)
e-mail: biblio@fondazionefrancozeffirelli.com

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