• Famiglie al Museo Zeffirelli
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Parents and children discovering the Zeffirelli Collection!

Ticket Families

With the family ticket (total cost 20,00€) parents and children under 14 years old can visit the Museum and share this experience together.

For children from 6 to 10 years old, a special guide has also been created, the activity album Director for fun.

Director for fun!

A guide for children 

Famiglie alla Collezione Zeffirelli - Album delle Attività Regista per gioco

The album “Director for fun” aims to involve the very young in visiting the Museum Halls, through playful activities that allow children to interact with the objects in the exhibition.

Children will be led to focus on some of the highlights of the Collection to be protagonists of their own aesthetic experience. A real plunge into the fabulous world of Performing Arts!

The director’s album will be available at a cost of €4.00 at the ticket office of the Zeffirelli Collection.

The Zeffirelli Collection will provide children with pencils and sheets of paper to complete the activities along the way. The colouring pencils must be returned at the exit to be sanitised.

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